Prepaid SIM Europe 12GB

All-in Prepaid SIM card for travellers in Europe. One phone number in all of Europe. Calls and data.

Sim Card Europeen

€ 54.99 (including 12GB data & unlimited minutes)

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Prepaid SIM card Holland

Prepaid SIM card for Amsterdam & Netherlands
Attractive local rates. For calls and data.


€ 24.99 (incl. 750MB data. Upgradable to 50GB)

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Data SIM Cards Europe

Data SIM cards for Europe
Prepaid data SIM cards for phone, tablet & MIFI

Sim Card USA

€ 36.99 Europe 4GB / € 44,99 Europe 6GB

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Prepaid Sim Card

Prepaid sim card for your mobile phone. Airport Telecom offers prepaid sim cards for different zones like Europe, The Netherlands, Germany and France. View our products.