Prepaid SIM Card IBC 2019 Amsterdam RAI | Receive phonenumber in advance!


Price € 24,99
(includes € 7.50 call credit)
(Please check text on the right for current upgrade options)


Local Prepaid SIM Card Netherlands, IBC 2019 Amsterdam RAI

This local SIM is attractive when you will stay in the Netherlands (Holland). Incomming calls will be free and you will benefit from low calling charges and good data packages. The SIM card will fit in any smartphone and our staff will be more than glad to install it for you. The cards can be picked up from our desk in the Arrival Hall of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. When you pre-order the local SIM card Netherlands by clicking the "Order Now" button below, we will sent you your reserved phone number in advance by email. This way, you will have the phone number before you start your trip to Amsterdam Airport. Benefits of this local prepaid SIM card:


- Receiving calls with the prepaid SIM card is free

   in the Netherlands

- Receive your phone number in advance by email

- Buy and pick up your SIM card at Amsterdam Airport

- Fixed start up fee per call € 0.12

- SIM card available in all sizes (mini, micro and nano)

- Our staff will be glad to install the prepaid SIM card

  in your phone so everything will be working properly

  when you will leave the store


- These SIM's are ideal for calls, as well as for internet

   applications such as Whatsapp chats & calls,

   Google Maps etc. etc.




- Calls within Holland € 0.01 per minute to fixed line

- Calls within Holland € 0.09 per minute to mobile

- Calls from Holland to USA € 0.03 per minute

- Calls from Holland to China € 0.01 per minute

- €24.99 SIM includes   : € 7.50 call credit

                                 or   €  2.50 call credit+ 500MB data 3G

                                 or   €  0.=   call credit+ 750MB data 3G

- Possible data upgrades:

  With €  5.= top up: € 2.50 call credit +   3GB data 4G

  With €10.= top up: € 2.50 call credit +   7GB data 4G

  With €20.= top up: € 2.50 call credit +  15GB data 4G

  With €25.= top up: € 2.50 call credit +  50GB data 4G

  !!! All upgrades include 3000 minutes and 3000 text

  messages from within the Netherlands to phone

  numbers in the Netherlands.

- When you order this Netherlands prepaid SIM card,

   all above settings and upgrades can also be chosen

   or changed when you pick up the card in our shop

   at Amsterdam Airport.

- Validity data package 30 days

- When your own phone does not work in Europe or

  your  phone is SIM-locked, we do offer several types of

  phones for sale at our store ranging from € 44,99 to

  € 279.  These prices are including the Netherlands

  prepaid SIM card as mentioned in the above.

- New  at Amsterdam Airport is our offer of

  refurbished Apple iPhones including a 24 months

  warranty. The refurbished iPhone 5  is available

  for € 269,= including Netherlands prepaid SIM card.