About the Airport Telecom shop at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Airport Telecom is a telecom shop with its main location in the Arrival Hall of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Handling over 52 million passengers a year, Amsterdam Airport is a huge hub for travellers from other continents that visit Europe for business or holiday. When in the Arrival Hall, many of these passengers come to the Airport Telecom shop for advice about how to connect their smartphones, tablets and other devices to the local mobile phone and data networks in the Netherlands, Germany, France and other European countries. Over the years, the shop and its staff have become experts in putting together attractive local prepaid SIM card packages as well as a broad collection of SIM lock free phones and smartphone accessories that meet the specific demands of travellers at the airport. An iPhone repair service is available in our store as well.

Our first question to most customers who want to buy a local prepaid SIM card at Amsterdam Airport is if they will stay in the Netherlands or if they will be travelling around to various countries in Europe. For customers staying in the Netherlands, we offer local prepaid SIM cards with very attractive rates for data and calls, and with incoming calls for free. A great solution for travellers going to different European countries such as Germany, France and Belgium, is our prepaid SIM card Europe with one phone number for the whole of Europe, a large data bundle and good rates per minute for many countries such as the USA, Canada, India and China.

Please visit our telecom shop at Amsterdam Airport when you have questions about connecting your phone or other mobile devices to the local networks. Of course, you can also reach us by phone (+31 20 6530999) and email (info@airporttelecom.nl). We wish you a good trip to Amsterdam!